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We now have just-for-fun newspapers for you to look at when you have literally nothing else to do.


site made

Site created

The site has been created. Have fun!


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2018 - forever and ever

info / contact

Seija; is a tiny recording label, game company, coding company(?) hybrid thing, based in Decatur, Illinois.

I (Jackson Taylor) started this whole thing the day I thought of it. I thought it would be cool to have a specific site to share my works and music and maybe collaborate with others, since my current personal site isn't completely configured for that type of stuff. It just wouldn't look right. Music, coding and video games are so important to me.

Demos/projects/games/interesting stuff may be sent to:

My personal email at:
or my Discord at:

I look at everything I get messaged/emailed. Usually I will respond, but if I don't respond, I have no interest in it or putting it on Seija;. Make sure to be nice, too. If you're set on emailing or messaging me something, why not say 'hello' first, ask me how my day was.